What Your Appropriate Garage Mat Made Of

If you are what they like to call a regular grease monkey in your own garage at home, then you need to have this mat installed. During your regular repair and maintenance and building work a lot more oil is likely to spill onto the garage floor. You can avoid all this mess and extra housekeeping work by simply having this unique garage oil mat installed. It is effective in its purpose of keeping your garage or workshop floors clean. Its exceptional materials have something to do with this. The oil drip mats are made from a substance known as Tedlar.

Tedlar is a form of vinyl coated polyester. It is a trademark product made from polyvinyl fluoride. It is also a chemical by-product of the better known Teflon. The surface finish of the Tedlar mat makes it easy to clean after every job or spill. The fabric on the base of the mat is made up of heavy polyester or tire cord. This tire cord is coated on both sides with its vinyl. There are manufacturers who will only be utilizing a 0.02-inch-thick vinyl film. It can be compared to the material used in the heavy beach ball.

garage oil mat

This, however, is not ideal. This material is nowhere near as resistant to chemicals as Tedlar coated mats are. Mats like these are always durable. Perma-pan edges are raised by way of heat sealing the material around the diameter wooden dowels on two sides. The other two sides of the mat end up being raised into a natural curl. No amount of driving over the mat will lead to any damage. Edges of the mat will not be flattened because the installed dowels will be supporting the mat. If not that, it will just spring back up.