Swimming Pool Filter Trouble

A swimming pool filter is a simple item that keeps dirt and debris from filling the water. But, this simple item is known to cause many problems that leave pool owners scratching their heads, considering it is not an electronic or operating component. Nonetheless, filters in the swimming pool can result in a plethora of problems small and large. You may be able to correct some of the pool filter problems yourself, but know when it is time to call a professional pool company virginia beach to resolve the matter.

Some of the most common problems with the filter in the swimming pool that cause trouble include:

Spider Gasket issues are common. This gasket is found in the multi-port valve and looks like a spider web. If the gasket is worn out, it may allow leakage to occur. But, this is just one of many problems with this gasket that causes trouble. Sometimes nothing more than a replacement resolves spider gasket problems.

True grit is a problem that causes DE powder to flow back into the pool water. It is usually caused by a broken standpipe or by laterals. Tears in the grid may also be the culprit of trouble when the filters cause problems.

Could excessive pressure build-up in the tank cause the filters in your swimming pool to work abnormally? If your filter is too small for the pump or if it is dirty, this may very well cause trouble. A clog could occur, the pump could damage if it is not large enough, or there could be other issues that cause trouble.

Call for Service

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Most of the issues above are corrected by simply replacing the part that is broken or damaged. Call a professional if you suspect filter trouble is interfering with the operation of your swimming pool and these problems and others are gone in no time.